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Hiya~ I go by Maccy!
Welcome to my blog, or, what I like to call, a visual display of what's going through my mind at random intervals of time. :'D
You are bound to find many fandoms, character obsessions, the occassional fanfic, personal thoughts, and a bunch of other junk here. At this point in time, however, these are my main obsessions.

° "Sofia the First"
° "Kingdom Hearts" Series
° "Mana Khemia" Series
° "Final Fantasy" Series
° "Tales of ..." Series
° "Repo! The Genetic Opera"

I tend to jump around. ^^;
Besides my obvious love for my fandoms, I also enjoy writing, drawing, roleplaying, and, frankly, anything that involves me putting words or pictures on a blank page. (: So! Don't be afraid to ask for a roleplay or a fanfic trade. I promise, I'm the least threatening person on the planet. :B
And speaking of non-threatening, I love meeting new people~ I'm kind of a Social Butterfly, so even if you don't talkto me, I garuntee you, eventually I will say hi or something to you. I'm very sarcastic, as well. This is a pre-warning to all of you... My dry humor can sometimes be overbearing... ^^: Though, I promise, my friendlines outweighs my sarcastic side, so no worries. (Not trying to sound cocky or nothing :P)
Anyway, that's all I got, brosephs and brosephines. I pretty much fail at the "About Me" part of any website, so thanks for sticking with me until the (horribly transitioned) ending. So, with that, I'm gonna' go eat banana pudding. Bye, and hopefully I'll get to meet you. :3
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Soooo, this new StF episode… so much love.
{ Spoilers }
Cedric, you sweetie with your thumbs up pose ( that almost looked like he was flipping the finger ) to Amber, and your slightly out of character helpful nature! *squishes cheeks*
But, I think we also kinda got a timeframe of the show, too.
When Roland presented James with the bicycle, he said it was a new invention. Well, bicycles were invented around the 1800’s, so maybe that’s the era?

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    I tried to judge the time period by the fashion. The styles are way jumbled up of course, but I judged it to be...
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    ;) can’t wait
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    1800’s yet they have hip-hop music for the bunny? Hahaha I love Disney.
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    Oh, Snow White! I didn’t know she was gonna’ be in it! You just boosted the excitement~
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    Considering that the other kingdoms aren’t that advanced by modern times as well, I would say so, but you’re right, its...
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